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Online resources abound about the price of metal roofing. The price of roofing material might vary significantly depending on a plethora of factors. A lot of the information you’ll read online about the price of metal roofs is out of date and won’t apply in 2024. They don’t account for labor costs now or price changes that have happened in the steel market. A new roof is a significant financial commitment, and metal does cost more upfront than asphalt roofing, which is the most popular kind of residential roofing. Although metal roofs are more expensive to install and purchase than shingles, they last a lot longer and provide long-term value.

Metal Roof Costs

We want you to know everything there is to know about the cost of metal roofing. The pricing ranges for a metal roof, including installation, are listed below in brief.

  • Sq. feet for a standing seam metal roof range from $10 to $16. 
  • It will cost $7 to $12 per square foot for a corrugated metal roof, such as 7/8″ corrugated metal.  

More variables, such as the degree of installation difficulty, might affect the cost, though. We go over all of the factors that affect the cost of a new metal roof and what you should budget for.

You’ll know what metal roofs cost after reading this post, so you may select with confidence and excitement.

Metal Roofing System Cost

A new metal roof installation would set you back about $20,000. This amount might vary, ranging from $6,000 to almost $42,000, based on your roof’s size, the kind of metal you choose, and other considerations.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

The benefits of metal roofing for homeowners and property owners are numerous. Naturally, all of this depends on your typical weather, so make sure to always check with your roofing contractor first. Additionally, metal roofs are very resistant to smoke damage and fire. Even though they are often more expensive initially, their long-term costs can surprise you, making them a fantastic long-term option because of this potential. It is anticipated to withstand weather-related problems including snow, ice, rain, and hail damage better than many other material types of roofing. It may also be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In practically every part of the nation, this kind of material has several advantages for homes of any size.

Factors Affect the Price of a Metal Roof

The price of a roof is determined by several factors. The size, shape, kind of metal, and style of the material used in the roof all affect how much a new roof will ultimately cost. Certain ones may be reduced using different tactics, while others cannot.

The best course of action for a homeowner is to be aware of their alternatives and select the one that best fits their budget. It’s crucial to do your homework and ask questions because cheaper doesn’t always equal worse quality. 

The easiest approach to acquire information and perspectives is to speak with someone who has the specific roof you’re contemplating acquiring for your house, however, this may not be available for many homeowners. The type of frank criticism that a fellow homeowner may offer is priceless. 

Roof Sizes

The largest determinant of roof cost is roof size. More work times and more material time means a larger bill for the homeowner. That is not to assume that a smaller house’s roof is always inexpensive. A tiny home might also have a costly roof due to the variety of roofing material possibilities and the complexity of a roof. 

However, for the typical house in a popular style, the roof is simple, and the business doing the installation has probably worked on hundreds of similar homes. In certain situations, procedures are simplified and cost-effective. The majority of homeowners should discover that metal roofs resemble asphalt shingles in general. A common-style, average-sized house should cost between $12,000 and $18,000.

Type of Metal

Costs are significantly influenced by the kind of metal that is utilized for the roof material. Expensive metals like copper can cost a lot more than more affordable metals like aluminum. In addition to aesthetic considerations, lifespan disparities must also be taken into account. 

Steel and other metals wear out more quickly than, for instance, lead-coated copper. The more costly metal may end up saving you money in the long run if you factor that longevity into the initial cost. Because roofs are an ongoing expense, the frequency of such expenditures has a significant role in the overall cost of property ownership. 

Metal Style

Style is one of the more minor cost factors. Certain metal roofing solutions, such as standing seam or corrugated metal panels, are less complicated and expensive to install. Some solutions require more time and complexity, such as steel shingles. For example, metal shingles are more expensive than standing seams. 

Roof Shape

You should anticipate that complicated roofs will have a higher average cost since they require more effort to install due to their steep slopes or intricate geometry. Not just metal roofing will cost more; this applies to other roofing materials as well.


The cost of labor and materials varies by geography and related cost of living. It’s vital to keep in mind that everything, including roofing, is typically more expensive in cities and heavily populated areas while doing your research. Nevertheless, there is a limited need for construction workers across the country. Although labor in crowded areas will always cost more, the difference shouldn’t be that great.

The Ultimate Decision Between Asphalt Shingle And Metal Roofing

You cannot discount the long-term advantages of metal roofing, even if it needs a larger initial investment and professional personnel for the intricate installation. However, you must take into account several criteria before making a selection. These include the lifetime of the property, your budget, the surrounding area, and the accessibility of skilled contractors. Your ultimate decision will be based on your requirements.


Because of its endurance, low maintenance requirements, and durability, metal roofing is frequently a worthwhile investment. The price of a metal roof varies depending on the material, panel design, and further customization options you choose. 

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